Lisa joined SYSTEMIQ to work on our peatland restoration project in Indonesia. She is deeply motivated by the prospect of improving our natural environment and creating a ‘systemic’ change towards a more symbiotic relationship with our environment. As an entrepreneur at-heart, Lisa sees SYSTEMIQ as a very flexible, diverse and fast-paced environment and is excited by the opportunity to help transform SYSTMIQ into an institution that continues to innovate on that human-environment relationship.

Lisa graduated in Mechanical Engineering. Before joining SYSTEMIQ, she worked in India for 2.5 years building a roofing startup, that provides high-quality but affordable roofing to families living in slums and villages. She therefore brings a lot of experience in problem-solving in difficult and constrained environments, and is very action-oriented and focussed on implementation.

In her free time Lisa loves to experiment in the field of neuro-science. Last Christmas she built her first cyborg: a remote-controlled cockroach!