Our Purpose

Around the world, vital systems operate in ways that aren’t sustainable, with massive effects on our society, environment and economy.

We’re faced with constant system failure in areas such as land use, energy, transport and many elements of urban and industrial structures. The costs amount to trillions.

Awareness of this system failure is growing, as is economic and political pressure for change. New technologies are opening up opportunities to transform these failures into successes. But there are still risks involved in committing to investments that require a system-level change. For example, there’s often a lack of transparency, conflicts of interest, or unstable business and policy circumstances.

At SystemiQ, we believe the time is right to fix these problems and create, system-level changes that are reliable and professional. We will address the most extreme forms of inequality in society and improve and advise both public sector and private organisations to create prosperity for investors.

We launched SystemiQ to offer this as a new, professional service. We act as advisers and principals, organise capital and talent and develop assets that deliver better outcomes for investors and society as a whole.