Science shows that our current systems for food, energy, industry, transport and cities are inefficient and largely unsustainable. Their social and environmental costs run into trillions of dollars. We must change our local and global economic systems fundamentally and fast to avoid human and planetary collapse.

The UN Global Goals and the Paris Agreement have set the targets we must reach to protect the earth and make sure everyone in the growing global population has a chance to prosper. Progress is being made. Businesses increasingly recognise the value in driving sustainable change. But, so far, most of this change has been incremental. We need to transform economic systems much faster to hit the UN targets and stop degrading natural resources.

SYSTEMIQ was launched in 2016 to accelerate these urgent transformations.

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We strive to reflect our values in our internal structures and processes and have set ourselves up as a lean organization with flat hierarchies. We have established the following governance bodies to steer SYSTEMIQ and make mission-critical decisions:

  • Our Board of Directors shapes SYSTEMIQ's strategy, reviews strategic decisions and performs its statutory duties. It includes two founding partners and two Strategic Capital Partners.
  • Our Executive Committee makes important operational decisions. It includes all full-time partners of SYSTEMIQ.
  • Our Investment Committee makes all decisions regarding our investments. It includes our Chief Investment Officer and four SYSTEMIQ partners.


We believe in the power of collective action: Every member of society is responsible to do their part in preserving our planet. While our work is designed to enable systems that preserve resources, inevitably, our business operations also come with resource consumption. We have developed our own guidelines and standards to minimize our resource impact, and to offset inevitable emissions. Find out more about our Walk the Talk activities.


SYSTEMIQ has provisionally been granted the “B Corporation” status, reflecting our purpose to serve society at large.