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Adrien started his career in an oceanographic research centre, studying the evolution of the gulfstream. He then moved to a more business driven position by joining McKinsey for the following 5 years. This is where he became familiar with the circular systems, contributing to the report Growth Within, a circular economy vision for a competitive Europe.

Adrien joined SYSTEMIQ because he believes a team of committed people, with the right skills and an innovative mindset can make a change. Since he joined SYSTEMIQ, Adrien has been working on sustainable resources management.

In a previous life, Adrien served in the French navy during 1.5 years where he fought against piracy and illegal fishing in the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. In his free time Adrien loves to sail, play rugby, and spend time with his 1-year old little girl.

He is holding an Engineering degree from ENSTA ParisTech, with a major in Environment, a master's degree in climate change from Institut National Supérieur de Techniques Nucléaires (INSTN), and a specialized master in strategic management from HEC.