Business leaders, governments and change-makers are urgently looking for ways to slash the world’s carbon emissions and maintain healthy and productive economies at the same time. Their success is crucial to meeting the 2°C challenge set by the Paris Climate Agreement and endorsed in the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

Over the past century, economies and fossil fuel consumption have grown hand in hand. Meeting the 2°C challenge depends on de-coupling the two, so that economies can grow using much less fossil fuel carbon. Rapidly improving carbon productivity – getting more value from less fossil fuel carbon- will break the link. Lots of ways to do this exist already. But businesses need to embrace them much faster to meet the 2°C challenge in time.

SYSTEMIQ is proud to be part of The Carbon Productivity Consortium. This is a group of like-minded organisations who want to transform ‘improving carbon productivity’ from a breakthrough concept to concrete action across industry and beyond. A first step is for companies to be able to measure their carbon productivity and compare the full set of improvement “levers” available to them, including energy efficiency and renewable energy sourcing, product and business model design, and circular economy solutions. So the Consortium commissioned a SYSTEMIQ project team to develop a practical tool for measuring and improving carbon productivity that companies can use. The beta version of our tool was launched in June 2017.