Despite the Paris Climate Agreement to keep warming temperatures to 2-degrees Celsius, progress has been slow. In 2017, 32.5 gigatons of energy related carbon was emitted - a record high.

It is technically and financially possible to halve global carbon emissions by 2040 and achieve the Paris commitment. What’s more, businesses that pursue low-carbon opportunities in energy could reap more than US$4.3 trillion by 2030.

To unlock these opportunities, immediate action from governments and the private sector is required. These key actions include:


  • Influence the global energy transition agenda by mobilising industry, finance, energy and NGO sectors committed to the Paris Climate Agreement, and working together to provide the evidence base that incentivizes business to lead the way to the energy shift.
  • Develop expertise and projects around the power mix of the future by building a utility model combining grid and off-grid solutions for emerging countries and designing investment vehicle models in renewables in emerging countries 
  • Invest in and innovate to create disruptive technologies that accelerate the shift to renewable energy around the world in both developed and developing countries. 

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