• Size: $1-2m per initial investment, capital reserved for follow-on rounds
  • Stage: Seed or Series A
  • Instrument: Convertible debt, Equity
  • Geography: Primarily Europe, Asia and potentially North America
  • Sectors: Energy, Sustainable Land Use (agrifood tech, forest preservation tech…), Circular Material Solutions
  • Business models: asset-light solutions and select IP-driven hardware solutions with significant scale potential
  • Tech: Data, imaging, AI, IoT, drones, blockchain
  • Approach: Board seat preferred, added value through strategic support, commercialisation and catalysing future investment

We invest long-term balance sheet capital. We do not have a traditional GP/LP fund structure; therefore, we do not have specific return thresholds or investment timelines. Our objective is to drive positive disruptions whilst earning a return for our investment partners. We de-risk our ventures through our internal commercial expertise and network.