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Isabel joined SYSTEMIQ in January 2018 to drive sustainable development by way of resource productivity. She is passionate about her belief that the current pursuit of economic growth, based on linear paradigms, is highly inefficient and at the peril of the natural environment. This led her to leave her background in business and finance, in which she holds a first class BA, to pursue an MSc in Climate Change at Imperial College London. There she wrote her thesis on the climate change mitigation potential of the circular economy.

Prior to working at SYSTEMIQ, Isabel gained experience in various functions at start-up’s and brokerages. In these contexts, she dabbled in the worlds of Bitcoin, charities and property, and most recently, in energy. She leaves her role as COO at a technology brokerage, working to improve the energy efficiency of homes in the UK, on sale of the company. At SYSTEMIQ, she has been part of the advisory and ETC teams but is more recently working to advance sustainable development in African countries.

Having grown up internationally and being a Swede, in her spare time Isabel is most likely found outdoors or travelling.