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Joi danielson

Joi is committed to solving ocean plastic pollution in Southeast Asia. She has more than 10 years of experience in leading international teams to solve complex problems in analytically rigorous ways. While an Engagement Manager at McKinsey, she worked in ten countries throughout Asia and Africa on multinational growth strategy, distressed asset turnarounds and using market incentives to tackle environmental challenges. She was also a McKinsey Global Institute Fellow on Disruptive technology and an Ocean Conservancy Senior Fellow of Program Innovation. After leading two ocean plastic white papers for the Ocean Conservancy, Stemming the Tide: Land based strategies for a plastics-free ocean and The Next Wave: Investment Strategies for Plastic Free Seas, Joi joined SYSTEMIQ to build a team and program that solves ocean plastic on the ground, catalysing good, systemic disruption that results in unequivocal, permanent marine debris reduction and proves that a circular economy is possible.

When not working Joi is happiest in or on the water - diving, swimming, sailing, dragon boat racing or when playing with her Great Pyrenees dog, Pepper.