The world’s food and land use systems are critical to securing a better future for people and planet, yet today, these systems are not fit for purpose. Today, 30% of the world’s forests have been cleared. Three  billion hectares degraded as policy and incentives encourage deforestation

Rising to these challenges is not just the right thing to do: it is also a huge opportunity. Developing sustainable food and land use business models could be worth up to $2.3 trillion and provide 80 million jobs by 2030.

Halting deforestation could boost the global economy by at least US$40-80 billion per year.

Transforming the current food and land use systems will require business to invest in and create sustainable business models. At the same time, governments are needed to create the enabling policies to support this transformation. Four key actions can accelerate this shift: 


  • Transform the sustainability strategies of the biggest food and agricultural companies, and promote the economic opportunity across related industries 
  • Provide the proof-points and science-based targets for changing business models, encouraging innovation, supporting investment and shaping policies for sustainable food and land-use systems. 
  • Mobilise large-scale private investments to support sustainable infrastructure, particularly in developing countries.
  • Incubate new business models and support the development of new markets to drive products based on sustainable land and forest use.


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