#LoveFood - Sustainable summer picknick

Dear system change leaders,

Today, we want to talk about food! Have a look at our “Why food matters” poster, and feel free to share, print and hang on your office/kitchen wall!

The subject of “sustainable” food production and consumption is incredibly complex and needs to be seen from different angles. More than any other sector the food sector is swamped with non-transparent labels and buzzwords: “organic”, “fair”, “local”, “healthy”. But when does seasonal or local or fair make sense? The fact that the CO2 footprint of an apple from Europe is higher than the footprint of an apple from New Zealand, if you buy it in the summer (!), only underlines that there is much more complexity to the subject than any normal consumer would be able to take in.

To take away some of that complexity, we are launching this monthly newsletter #LoveFood, where we will share with you the greatest life hacks, useful background information and inspiring initiatives around a more conscious food consumption. Because food is such an amazing part of our life that we should love, cherish and enjoy.

In this first edition, we want to introduce 3 great companies that can help you make the best of beautiful summer days, enjoy the picnic and barbecue season, without filling your bins with lots of food packaging:

Want to barbecue or picnic outside and single-use dishes are just the most convenient? No problem, just make sure it stays in the biosphere: Leaf republic make plates from leaves: No synthetic additives, no colouring, no glue, and biodegradable in only 28 days. LeafRepublic is a Munich startup that aims to revolutionize packaging technology.

You are looking for a more permanent solution, but light-weight dishes that you can take to a picnic? Zuperzozial make durable tableware with raw structure based on biodegradable bamboo and corn, reinforced with melamine resin: light-weight and dishwasher proof. Their take-away cups are also great for your daily morning coffee on the way to work!

You have leftovers to store or a half water melon to return to the fridge? No need to wrap or cover with aluminium foil or plastic wrap: Take bee’s wrap or SuperBees organic cotton muslin infused with beeswax, the alternative to plastic for food storage. Wrap it, wash it, re-use it.

This was our June edition of #LoveFood. We will be back end of July with more!

Written by Ronja Wolf