Calling for disruptive early stage ventures tackling sustainability challenges

SYSTEMIQ was founded on the principle that positive disruption is required to combat climate change. We plan to deploy $20-40m over the next 3 years and are looking for early-stage companies who share our mission-driven agenda. If you share our mission, fit our criteria and are raising money, please reach out to us at:


Investment Criteria

Through our own investment vehicle, SYSTEMIQ supports disruptive early-stage digital/ technology ventures with the potential to transform systems across energy, sustainable land use and circular economy.

  • Size: $1-2m per initial investment, capital reserved for follow-on rounds
  • Stage: Seed or Series A
  • Instrument: Convertible debt, Equity
  • Geography: Primarily Europe, Asia and potentially North America
  • Sectors: Energy, Sustainable Land Use, Circular Economy
  • Business models: asset-light solutions and select IP-driven hardware solutions with significant scale potential
  • Tech: Data, imaging, AI, IoT, drones, blockchain
  • Approach: Board seat preferred, added value through strategic support, commercialisation and catalysing future investment

We invest long-term balance sheet capital. We do not have a traditional GP/LP fund structure; therefore, we do not have specific return thresholds or investment timelines. Our objective is to drive positive disruptions whilst earning a return for our investment partners. We de-risk our ventures through our internal commercial expertise and network.


Enabling Technologies We Support

In order to drive system change in our three platforms of energy, sustainable land use and the circular economy, we deploy our capital in enabling technologies and scalable business models.

In enabling technologies, we are particularly interested in drones, smart sensors, IoT, data analytics, artificial intelligence and the blockchain.


Our Sectors of Focus


The future energy system will be driven by a shift to 100% renewable generation. In order to achieve this, we must focus on enabling technologies which will address variability of energy supply. Therefore, we are interested in:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Storage
  • Smart grids
  • Distributed generation/consumption


Sustainable Land Use

Through our restoration work in Indonesia and Malaysia, we have found it is essential to balance economic output, social development and land protection. We are particularly interested in solutions addressing the following themes:

  • Regeneration
  • Conservation
  • Agroforestry

We are also interested in agriculture solutions which address the world’s food challenges through sustainable practices. We are focused on companies that:

  • Close nutrient loops
  • Replace chemical fertilisers
  • Provide drought tolerance
  • Enable zero waste supply chains
  • Regenerate soil


Circular Economy

Our primary focus within the circular economy is materials solutions. We are interested in turtle-friendly, fully bio-degradable replacement of plastics. Specifically, we are interested in:

  • New materials and consumption models
  • Collection and sorting techniques
  • Recycling technologies


We plan to deploy $20-40m over the next 3 years and are actively looking for opportunities!

If you share our mission, fit our criteria and are raising money, please reach out to us at: