SYSTEMIQ invests in OpenInvest, a Socially Responsible Investing Platform

Funding will support support OpenInvest’s expansion into new customer segments and tap a $23T market opportunity

SYSTEMIQ has invested in OpenInvest, the first digital investment advisor for socially responsible investing, which has announced its recent raise of US$10.4 million in Series A funding.

SYSTEMIQ’s mission is to catalyze good disruptions in economic systems, to speed the achievement of the UN Global Goals. To achieve this system change, a massive shift in global capital is required - from governments, institutions and individuals.

“OpenInvest democratizes the investment process. It allows ordinary people to invest with their values, which can become an increasingly important component in shifting the >$2 trillion p.a. needed to deliver the Global Goals,” says Gail Klintworth, a SYSTEMIQ Partner who led the company’s involvement in the deal.

“OpenInvest allows everyone to truly understand the impact that our financial decisions are having, right down to the level of individual companies. For too long, this has been hidden away from the day-to-day investor. But now, for the first time, OpenInvest is delivering this radical transparency, which is so urgently needed in our global financial system.”

According to Morningstar’s Sustainable Funds U.S. Landscape report, assets under management in portfolios using various approaches to sustainable investing have grown to an estimated $23 trillion globally, an increase of more than 600 percent over the past ten years. OpenInvest’s platform delivers customized investment portfolios aligned with an individual’s or institution’s values. ESG (environmental, social, and governance) investing, or investing with the intention to generate a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact alongside financial returns, is increasingly in-demand

Investors can align their assets with their values by customizing their portfolios through OpenInvest’s cause-based investment screens, including but not limited to: divestment from fossil fuels producers, deforestation, the prison industrial complex or weapons; supporting gender equality, LGBTQ rights, refugees and low-carbon leaders, among many others. Investors can also further individualize their portfolios by including or excluding individual companies. In the meantime, each user’s portfolio auto-rebalances to keep them tightly tracking market indices.

Built by hedge fund technologists and civil society leaders, OpenInvest is changing the way that people invest. The new funding will enable the company to further accelerate its growth and support its continued technological innovation. Recently, the company expanded its customer offering from retail investors to advisors and to institutions such as pension funds, family offices, foundations, and endowments.

“OpenInvest empowers individuals, engages them in the investment and shareholder process, and holds corporates accountable” says Gail Klintworth, “We call this ‘owning what you own’, and are very proud to have made this investment”.

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