New zero-emission aircraft technology lands in UK

Zero-carbon air travel is coming to the UK, thanks to a strategic partnership between SYSTEMIQ and US-based aviation pioneers ZeroAvia. A £2.7 million UK government grant, announced today, will establish a UK base for ZeroAvia and its revolutionary technology, helping to put the country at the forefront of research and development to cut aviation emissions.

Tasked with accelerating ZeroAvia’s business development and European expansion, SYSTEMIQ was instrumental in securing support from the Aerospace Technology Institute, Innovate UK and the Department for Business Energy & Industrial Strategy – which highlighted the technology’s “potential to revolutionise domestic travel not just in the UK, but globally”.

The news is the culmination of a partnership with SYSTEMIQ that has taken the breakthrough aviation technology from concept stage to a successful launch last month. As a strategic advisor to and investor in ZeroAvia , SYSTEMIQ has been instrumental in getting the project off the ground.

The first aircraft powered by ZeroAvia’s drivetrain with hydrogen fuel cell systems is already in flight. The company is initially targeting up to 500-mile commercial flights in 10 to 20-seat fixed-wing aircraft, as early as 2022. Its aim is to deliver the same performance as a conventional aircraft engine, but with zero carbon emissions and at around half of the operating costs.

“SYSTEMIQ is proud to be supporting ZeroAvia on their time-critical mission to decarbonize the aviation sector”, said Founding Partner Jeremy Oppenheim. “ZeroAvia’s zero-emission drivetrain is the most promising, cost-competitive alternative to incumbent fossil-based technologies today.”