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Anik joined SYSTEMIQ with a Masters in Sociology from Airlangga University focusing on women empowerment. Much of her career has been dedicated to improving the lives of women and children. She has worked to stop gender violence, to improve mother and child health, and to empower women to become economically independent, included teaching sex workers how to report abuse and keep their bodies healthy. She has also used local wisdom to coach teachers to better understand the national school curriculum and help them inspire children with it. 

Immediately before joining SYSTEMIQ, Anik worked on a CSR project with PGN SAKA to improve eco-tourism in the mangrove forests. There she was exposed to the harm ocean plastic is having on mangrove forests across the country. She joined SYSTEMIQ to lead Project STOP's community development and behaviour change work in Muncar, Indonesia. In this role she works with women and fishermen to stop throwing their waste in rivers or burning it, and to adopt more responsible waste habits.