We have set out to achieve our mission through a unique portfolio of activities which include:

  • building and supporting coalitions of leaders with the knowledge, experience and authority to shape policies and business strategies that will rapidly transform economic activity in line with the UN and Paris targets
  • co-creating and incubating the market solutions most likely to build regenerative economic systems, in partnership with businesses, governments, non-profits and other institutions
  • investing our own capital and expertise in early-stage ventures with the biggest potential to drive rapid system change

We are uniquely equipped for these activities by the experience, expertise and energy of our partners and associates, based in London, Munich and Jakarta.

SYSTEMIQ acts as convener, programmatic leader and secretariat for coalitions of decision-makers and influencers in critical economic systems. The coalitions we serve include members from business, finance, government, civil society and academia. We help distil scientific evidence and conclusions into sustainable system narratives. We create a trusting environment so traditional opponents can agree on why and how to transform systems. And we drive the communication and uptake of results among private and public stakeholders – reaching beyond the usual audience of converts to engage influential sceptics.


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SYSTEMIQ partners with businesses and other organisations to co-create and incubate the market-leading solutions that will drive tomorrow’s regenerative economic systems. These ‘good disruptive’ ventures and business models create viable systems from the bottom up, delivering reliable value to investors. SYSTEMIQ advises existing organisations and new entrantson identifying and financing investable business opportunities that use natural and human resources in line with emerging policy. We help them to pilot potential solutions and scale winners.

Our activities currently focus on - but are not limited to - business-driven solutions to the degradation of tropical forests and wasteful flows of industrial materials, such as plastics and carbon.

We are expanding our portfolio of projects across the circular economy, land use and energy sectors.



Project STOP

Regenerative land use in indonesia


Green Growth In Africa


Through our own investment vehicle, SYSTEMIQ supports disruptive early-stage digital/technology ventures with the potential to transform systems across energy, sustainable land use and circular economy. We support asset-light business models (software, platforms, marketplaces and tools) and select IP-driven hardware solutions with significant scale potential.

Our sweet spot is $1-2m of initial investment in Seed/Series A rounds. We can invest globally, but have a particular focus on Europe and Asia. 

We are an active minority investor, deploying a combination of capital and talent to 'de-risk' the companies we invest in, accelerate their commercialisation and position them for further fundraising and greater scale. 

In addition to providing follow-on capital ourselves, we seek to support our portfolio companies in raising additional capital, including from our own capital partners. We are long-term investors, focused on working closely with management to build lasting value and drive real change.

To find out more about our investment vehicle, contact investment@systemiq.earth