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Tom is scared about what to say to his children 10 years from now when they (inevitably) ask him the following on the accelerating climate crisis:

  1. Did you know?
  2. What did you do?

Tom joined SYSTEMIQ because he hopes to avoid having to answer these questions. In the meantime (and besides working on this agenda) he spends all his spare time with his family.

Tom is a sustainability-oriented executive with broad international experience ranging from large energy and energy intensive industries to disruptive start-up company development in the agricultural, energy and circular economy space. His recent position was as EVP for Corporate Development at Joule Unlimited, a company converting CO2 back into ultra-low carbon liquid fuels. He is the founder of WakeUP, a meta data concept connecting sustainability related challenges to solutions through an electronic market-clearing platform concept. He was the first CEO of Agrinos, an agriculturally focused green biotechnology company, and has held senior management positions in finance, strategy and business development at Norsk Hydro.