Senior project managers at SYSTEMIQ

We are looking for experienced project managers to lead teams on exciting opportunities. This highly strategic work involves some of the most prominent institutions in the field, has a very international character and aims at significant impact over the next 3-5 years. It requires very advanced problem solving, analytical and relationship skills and the experience of leading project teams to deliver breakthrough insights, action and results. Our teams are typically small (2-5 people) and you might be involved in more than one project/venture at a time. Occasionally, you may be working with one of our partners in a standalone capacity.

Some of the projects we expect to kick off over the next months:

  • Devise and implement a highly innovative and visible sustainability strategy for a European country, putting it at the forefront of sustainable development. Based in the Munich office.
  • Build a national platform for circular economy in Germany, involving 15+ major companies and becoming the innovation hub for resource productivity in the country. German language and industry experience required. Based in the Munich office.
  • Establish an ecosystem of business activities in Indonesia that put forest protection or reforestation at the core of their mission, while providing livelihoods for the local population. Based in the Indonesian office.
  • Create a framework and prototype for a sustainable free zone that delivers on the UN Global Goals as a model to replicate across different geographies. Experience required working with or implementing Special Economic Zones, in operational implementation on the ground, and in doing business in Africa. Based out of the London office.
  • Design and build a new entity in southern Africa in order to strengthen the economic basis of conservation activities. This dedicated entity will be established in partnership with one of the continent’s leading conservation organisations. Will be sourcing, supporting and scaling a pipeline of viable land use models that both ensure natural resource protection and provide the basis for sustainable economic development. Based out of the London office.
  • Continue work with the Energy Transitions Commission (ETC), a coalition bringing together industries, investors and environmental NGOs. We oversee the ETC’s secretariat, research programme and stakeholder engagement efforts. We also direct the publication of groundbreaking reports. Based in the London office.


We offer the opportunity to benefit from the world-leading networks of our partners and be part of a high-calibre, driven, and fun/friendly team. There is also the possibility to gain experience in project development and venture capital.


The skills & experience we expect

SYSTEMIQ is looking for individuals with a strong record of excellence and achievement. You have proven that in different contexts and are keen to work in a young, entrepreneurial company where you can get involved in a variety of work, shape the business and make maximum impact. You are passionate about SYSTEMIQ's mission and approach to system change. Your background includes leading teams at a top management consultancy, ideally coupled with solid leadership experience in industry, the public sector or civil society. Specifically, you have:

  • 5+ years of top management consulting experience in a high calibre and international environment, ideally working with industry, energy, manufacturing and/or agricultural clients
  • 2+ years of experience as project/engagement manager, leading teams on both content and process
  • Highly advanced problem-solving and analytical skills, both quantitative and qualitative, with a focus on strategic challenges
  • Relationship management skills, also on a very senior level and in various cultural contexts
  • A strong commitment to coaching and developing people, with an empowering leadership style
  • Strong entrepreneurial spirit with the ability to identify growth opportunities and take a lead in exploring new ideas and concepts
  • Masters or equivalent degree
  • Mobility (for some of the positions outlined above)
  • (Desirable) Experience in the sustainability/environment/social enterprise space


We are keen to receive applications from all parts of the global community. Ideally, you have the Right to Work in the UK/EU or Indonesia.

Please send your application to Heather Lockhart at