Who we are and what we do

SYSTEMIQ encourages all employees to take action on topics they consider important. A certain amount of our work time can be attributed to drive own initiatives, being it internal agendas or engagement with the public. The “Walk the talk” working group is one of these Associate-driven initiatives in SYSTEMIQ.

Our group was founded in December 2016 and currently consists of 9 members from the Munich and the London office. Our mission is simple: We want to live the change that we wish to see in the world.

Living and acting “sustainably” can be quite challenging for a single individual. We aim to trigger and nourish the conversation about actionable sustainability, and to encourage sustainable behaviour both in our business-related and our personal lives. Step by step we approach the topics that govern our lives on a daily basis, and develop guidelines and suggestions to make them more sustainable. Most importantly, we try to bring others along the way.

We started with an analysis of our business-related emissions. For full transparency, we will continue to measure and report on emissions and the progress of meeting our targets. Below you will find a summary of the Walk the Talk achievements so far.

This is only the beginning of a journey. We have many more ideas and actions in the making, and we acknowledge that we still have a long way to go.

If you have comments or ideas we should consider, drop us a message! [RW1] 

 [RW1]Link to WTT Email, or better one of the group members directly


We started with an analysis of our business-related footprint. Not surprisingly, travel is the main driver of our emissions; followed by the office footprint. Monitoring and reporting are the necessary first steps to raise awareness and to create sensitivity for emissions. We presented our footprint to the whole company and challenged ourselves by setting an ambitious target of reducing the emissions that are unavoidable.

Travel policy

In a next step, we drafted guidelines for a more sustainable travel behaviour, which was incorporated in our travel and expense policy


OUR officeS

In 2017, we moved into our own offices in Munich, London and Jakarta. To make them as sustainable as possible from the start, we developed our own office design guidelines [RW1] and worked hard to apply these principles. Read the full story [RW2] and discover what we did!

 [RW1]Links to a Pdf with our Sustainable office guidelines. WIP – Annick + Ronja in charge

 [RW2]Links to a blog post with short-stories, descriptions and many pictures of the office setup in all 3 locations.


Another inevitable but certainly reducible source of our emissions is the food we consume. In conversations with colleagues and friends we discovered that the general sensualisation in society towards sustainable food consumption is mainly linked to “healthy” foods. The environmental implications of how our food is produced and what footprint it carries is quite complex and therefore little understood. To de-mystify this huge topic, we launched a monthly newsletter called #LoveFood[RW1] , which is distributed internally and on our blog[RW2] .

 [RW1]Links to the first newsletter-blog post, which will have an index at the end linking to all following food-blog posts in the order of their appearance.

 [RW2]Links to the blog in general, this is just to create more traffic 😊


Despite of all reduction efforts, not all emissions can be avoided. For these emissions, we have implemented an offsetting scheme with Plant for the Planet[RW1] . For every ton of carbon-equivalents that we emitted in our first year [RW2] of business operations we planted 2,5 trees, purchased Certified Emission reductions and supported the Plant for the Planet climate ambassador educational program for children, that teaches about topics like climate change and social responsibility.

 [RW1]Link to their homepage

 [RW2]Link to blog post with the announcement that we are carbon positive. (Will we have one, Janike?)