Inside Our Ocean: Day 1

While the world leaders are gathering in Bali for the Our Ocean Conference, the largest conference on the future of the ocean, 200 young leaders coming from 52 countries came together to build action-driven, impact-driven and youth-led momentum to fight ocean change.

SYSTEMIQ’s associates Dian Limbong and Alexandre Kremer have been selected to attend the “Our Ocean, Our Legacy Youth Leadership Summit”. Dian and Alexandre are championing a holistic and circular vision to address the challenge of ocean plastic pollution in Indonesia. In the “Inside Our Ocean” blog posts, the two will share their impressions of the day.


“Former US secretary of state John Kerry is kicking off this incredible event and reminds us of the importance of science-based targets. Public sector, private sector and civil society must work together led by an empowered scientific community. He highlights the critical role of knowledge and education to create real baseline and monitoring programs, so today’s commitment can be tracked, and tomorrow’s generation can hold all parties accountable.”


“We were surprised by the appearance of one of top leaders on ocean change who started the global effort on tackling ocean challenges. His message is clear: ‘young people are not only able to be advocate, they can lead the change we need for our oceans’. It is not easy, and it will need all the young leaders we can get to collaborate and actively pushing through the boundaries. He also reminds us that the challenges must be addressed from all sides, especially from a policy perspective to provide holistic solution.”